About Us

Southern Distribution Victoria starts its day around 2am daily, preparing daily distribution of newspapers to the South and South East of Melbourne metropolitan area. We supply daily around 3500 homes plus approximately 300 business with their daily newspaper needs. Our experienced team have been performing these tasks for over 28 years, always trying to give our best to a timely and efficient service.

So at Southern Distribution Victoria, we hope we are meeting your needs today and into the future.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Our Team

Our Team includes:

Gerard and Ellen Munday, former owners of Patterson Road Tatts, News and Post in Bentleigh. Having been in the game for many years, has allowed them to have a good understanding of their customer needs and expectations.

Cameron and Haji, our office Managers both have a committed attitude to customer service and the day to day operations of the business, making sure customers are happy and everyone's needs are met.

Gee and Rikin, amongst the many others that make up our early morning team are all early risers, making sure your orders are delivered on time and efficiently.